Installing OS from NOOBS

The Raspberry Pi does not have any built in Operating System and hence needs a micro SD card with a suitable OS to boot from. NOOBS, the New Out-Of-Box Software, is designed to make this as easy as possible, allowing you to choose from several different operating systems and install them automatically.

The PiBOX India Combo Raspberry Pi combo kit comes with all the necessary peripherals and a micro SD card with the latest NOOBS package. To boot the Raspberry Pi, you need to insert the micro SD card to the micro SD card slot of the Pi, other necessary peripherals like USB mouse, USB keyboard, monitor/TV display and power ON the device.  Please visit for step by step hardware setup.

   When the Pi is first switched on, or booted, with a fresh installation of NOOBS on its microSD card, you’ll see a screen with the Raspberry Pi logo on it and a small progress window. After a short pause, you will be able to see the below screen.

NOOBS menu

The two OS included with the NOOBS are

  • Raspbian, a version of the Debian Linux operating system tailored for the Raspberry Pi
  • LibreELEC, a version of the Kodi Entertainment Centre software

If the Pi is connected to the internet, a few other OS options are available for download. Raspbian OS is the recommended OS for first time users.

Select your choice of OS and ‘Install’. A warning message appears stating that installing the operating system will overwrite any data currently stored on the microSD. Click ‘Yes’ and the installation process will begin.

The installation process can take 10 to 30 minutes, depending on the speed of your microSD card. During the installation process the above window appears, along with the progress bar, indicating the installation process. When the operating system is fully installed, the status window appears indication the successful completion of the selected OS.

Click the‘OK’ button and the Pi will restart. You’ll see the boot messages in a command window and then a screen with the Raspberry Pi logo. Finally, the Raspbian Graphical Desktop and setup wizard appears, as in the picture below. Your operating system is now fully installed and ready to be configured. The entire software setup is a one-time process.

The Raspberry Pi now displays the Graphical Desktop. Upon successful completion of the OS installation process, Raspberry Pi boots directly to this Pi desktop everytime it is powered ON with this micro SD card.

Recovery Mode:

In case, you would like the Pi to go to the NOOBS menu, after successful OS installation, then hold down the SHIFT key on the keyboard as you connect the Raspberry Pi to its power supply. This is known as recovery mode, and is a great way to restore a Pi whose software has been corrupted. It also allows you to enter the NOOBS menu to reinstall the operating system, or install one of the other operating systems.

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