PiBOX India’s Heartfelt Connection: Spreading Love through Mobile Stand Promotion 2024″

At PiBOX India, our commitment to the community is not just a principle—it’s a reflection of the values that define us. In the wake of the challenging times brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, we stepped up our efforts with local campaigns. However, we soon realized that our impact was limited to specific regions. As we step into 2024, we are eager to extend our helping hand to the broader community, with a special focus on supporting the vulnerable and differently-abled individuals who form an integral part of our diverse nation.

The Mobile Stand Promotion: Back in 2020, we kickstarted the mobile stand promotion, aiming to inspire donations for providing food to those in need. Now, in 2024, we’re thrilled to test the waters of this initiative on a grander scale. We believe this unique approach can serve as a catalyst, motivating people across India to contribute to the well-being of their fellow citizens.

Again.. Donate a meal to a needy near you if you find this stand helpful..


” Let’s cultivate the habit of giving to the needy and differently-abled; they too deserve their fair share in our community. This is our social responsibility ! “

-Bhaskar PiBOX India




How You Can Be a Part of This Journey:

     Your opinion is more than just a comment; it’s a voice that shapes our collective impact. If you believe that the mobile stand promotion did plant a seed about donation, we warmly invite you to share your thoughts of how we can improve this.. 

Take few seconds to leave your product review on the marketplace of purchase as we would love to see how you see this… 

Your experiences, suggestions, and ideas will play a crucial role in steering the course of our community-driven initiatives, making a real difference in the fabric of our nation. 

Comment Below: Take a moment to share your thoughts with us. Do you feel the mobile stand promotion can effectively inspire donations in your community or across our diverse country? Share your experiences and ideas – this is a conversation that transcends boundaries. Your feedback is not just valued; it is essential in crafting a positive impact and nurturing a culture of compassion within the rich tapestry of our Indian community.


PiBOX India is not just a brand; it’s a family rooted in the values of compassion and empathy. Through the mobile stand promotion, we aim to spread love that knows no borders and resonates with the heartbeats of every Indian. Your participation and personal touch are the threads that weave the tapestry of a more caring, united, and vibrant community. Together, let’s continue to build a compassionate India where every corner of our nation shares in the warmth of our collective kindness. 

No ! We dont and will never accept money to donate. I dont think we are able to handle that responsibility. There are 100’s of organizations doing that and we would let you do your own assessment.

  • Take few seconds to comment here to tell us you what you feel.
  • Leave your product marketplace review.

This will help a lot.  This will allow us to spread the word !

You could buy one from here. We dont use the money generated from these mobile stand sales for our top/bottom line.  It goes into making more mobile stands. We run promotions to include free mobile stand from our site.

Original price was: ₹168.64.Current price is: ₹83.90. Excludes GST

5 thoughts on “PiBOX India – Mobile Stand – Spreading Love !

  1. Dhannjay sharma says:

    You’re doing an amazing job, whenever i look at this ssd enclosure i feel genuinely happy that an Indian company is trying its best to provide the best quality. I hope you guys do well

  2. Paramjeet singh says:

    A Feel Good gesture and a great way to make us realise the good side of ourselves. Loving the products.
    Only one suggestion or request as it may.

    It would be great if you made the Modile stane in metal with a charging dock and wirless charging .
    Of just make it only Dock or Qi charge seperately or just spartan aluminum stand.
    Than you.

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