DIY -PiBOX India – Pi4 Case – Glossy to Brushed Metal – 30 seconds

Raspberry PI 4 Brushed Metal Case

You can convert your PiBOX India case from Glossy to Brushed metal in 30 seconds. Just follow the instructions and we got you covered if there are any issues!

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The PiBOX India Pi4 case Black – supports two visual looksGlossy –
1. Mirror Finish (Default looks)
2. Brushed Metal – *Procedure Below *

We have heard feedback that the glossy finish of the case is prone to finger prints and we were asked often if there is any option.

Whats Needed:
1. PiBOX India Black – Raspberry PI 4 case (With PI logo top or Fan Top)
2. A scrub Pad / Scotch Brite Kitchen pad.
3. Bit of confidence.

Time Needed:- 30 Seconds


Setup a clean area and open the PiBOX India Raspberry pi 4 case , Get a clean Scrub pad (Scotch Brite). All you need to do is strip the special clear top coat of our case (Please avoid rougher items like Sand Paper, as it has thick grain and hence create inconsistencies in the plastic surface)

Place the scrub pad on top of the case and move the same vertically with applying medium pressure.

Move back and forth: 6 Times

Set the case firm on the ground!

Viola.. Final looks: Brushed Metal:


If you need any help with the same please contact us via whatsapp – 8072238441.

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