Transparent Acrylic Case – Installation

Raspberry Pi 3B+ – Transparent Acrylic Case – compatible with 3.5 inch display


  1. Acrylic Case
    1. Base -1, Long side – 2, Short side – 2
  2. Bolts – 4
  3. Metal nuts – 4
  4. Acrylic nuts – 4


  • Insert the acrylic nuts into the bolts.
  • After aligning the board as shown in the Picture below, place the acrylic base over the bolts.
  • Place the Raspberry Pi Board over the acrylic base.
  • Insert the metal screws over the bolts and tighten as shown in Picture below.
  • Arrange the long sides of the acrylic case as shown in picture below and insert the long sides into the base.
  • Place the top of short side acrylic case and push the bottom in to the long sides as shown.
  • Insert the next short side and the Acrylic case is fully assembled.


  • Invert the unit upside down.
  • Push down on the 2 sides and open the side acrylic case as shown in the picture below.
  • Remove the long sides and dismantle the screws and base.

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