Free Products on our product launch !!!
​                  PiBOX India is working on a number of active products and we are working to launch a number of products. We need actual users like you to test our products. Below is a list of of our premium launches lined up:

  • VGA to HDMI Adapters (With Lontium IC’s)
  • USB 3.0- USB Hubs and USB C type Hubs (with GL3521 IC’s)
  • PiBOX India SATA to USB 3.0 Adapter with ASM 1153e Chip
  • PiBOX India – Pigtail HDMI Splitter
       and many more…..
       We will offer promo code to our interested existing buyers for 100% Free or at a substantial discount of at-least 60% on selling price with the hope that you would provide your valuable product feedback/review after trying the same.

              Want to opt-in? Just – Write launch volunteer : 
  • Write to – [email protected]
  • whatsapp – 8072238441 

    Just another method for to show you as our customer –