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Products for testing! – 100% Free for you!

PiBOX India is an upcoming startup. A bad product could put a deep dent to our startup and our image. We go through serious industry best 8 layer test however we need real users to test the same.

We provide our Geek Club members and IT enthusiasts products that we launch to test for Free!.

  If you have received an invite print out contact us via whatsapp – 8072238441 or [email protected] to get enrolled.

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PiBOX India Geek Club is a invite based program and please requestsupport for enrollment. Write to – [email protected] whatsapp –8072238441

“Yes we care!!We kept our promise and we are a customer focussed startup and we will continue to be!!!Much more great news to follow”

-Bhaskar CP –
Founder – PiBOX India