Below is your unique Gift Card to order the same: (Its one time use only and so do not share)

Procedure: Step1

  1. Please copy the URL and launch the same on a new browser (You can also save in multiple formats using the button)
  2. Place the order with the gift card provided (49% Discount)
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Step2:- Rebate procedure:- For 51% Cashback
(100% Guaranteed)

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  1. Return back after 7 days of delivery
  2. Provide a product review to share how you like the unit on the site purchased.
    • Provide 3 sentences of feedback about the unit to inform how you like it. (or)
    • 1 photo of our item with 2 sentence.

DON’T:- USE the terms that it was free on the feedback as this offer is unique for our Geek club members only! 

Yes… We kept our promise and we are a customer focussed startup and we will continue to be!!!
-Bhaskar CP –
Founder – PiBOX India