We listened to you !!!
​                  We have been doing extended test to establish contact between the SSD and the metal enclosure for our models. On a Sliding enclosure its complex to create the contact between SSD and outer metal.. 

Reasons: Varying NVME disk thickness, Thermal compound makes it harder for metal to slide on.. A wrong thermal pad that does not touch the metal negatively influences the thermal capabilities and we did extended test.

We made it touch the metal and it comes in 3 diff thickness with recommendation for model..

It may be difficult to push in the metal with the thermal pad:- Why? The thermal pad is to act as a medium to pass heat from the SSD to the metal. If its not tight then the contact will not be established and it will not serve the purpose. Unfortunately SSD’s comes in several thickness and the thickness can vary. If you need to pick a different size you can do so with the coupon code below. 

We are ready for end user testing: https://pibox.in/product-category/m2-ssd-enclosures/m2-ssd-accessories/

Please use the coupon code: tuuxgpv5

Did we skip this thermal pad to save money on original order? Short answer No.. We did not cut corners on the nvme series and hopefully the accessories and components included with the order truly reflect that..​

Thermal PAD installation steps:

Take the M.2 NVMe enclosure and thermal pad. Clean the area where you will put the thermal pad.
1. First, take the M.2 NVMe drive and properly insert it into the slot of the enclosure. Secure it tightly as per the enclosure instructions
2. Remove the protective film covering from the thermal pad [ both sides] as shown on photo
Then place the thermal pad firmly on the area meant for it on top of the NVME SSD.
• Now put the M.2 NVMe drive inside the enclosure slot properly. Make sure it is fitting tightly.
Note:- It may be tight to close the enclosure with the thermal pad. This is done to create higher point of contact for better heat dissipation. Thermal pad a functional item and it works if you create contact with the metal. 
For the larger 2 mm thermal pads – You may need to shave additional area – depending on your disk thickness.. All disks are of different thickness. 
Summary: Thermal pad is not a cosmetic item and its a functional item. The more tight it is the better will be the heat transfer.